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love in a hopeless place.

Business LoveValentine’s Day is upon us once again, love it or hate it – it isn’t going away. With a bleak economy, post-holiday sales lull, and a very tight credit market, many businesses are feeling the pinch. But not to worry, Numbiz has got you covered. We definitely believe that now is the time to feel the love, no matter how “hopeless” you may think situations may be. With help from our friends a ingoodcompany, we’ve compiled a list of 15 tips to get you focused on your success, and to get you to fall back in love with what you’ve started out doing:

TIP 1: Before you commit ask yourself, “Is this the business that we are in?”

TIP 2: Get clarity on how you spend your time. Write a job description.

TIP 3: Bartering is a very tricky business practice. If you MUST do it, create terms that are reciprocal and fair!

TIP 4: Remember why you started your business – Does your current business achieve this goal.

TIP 5: Being the boss isn’t worth it if you don’t exploit the freedom it affords you.

TIP 6: Stick a post it on your computer with your business goals and look at it daily.

TIP 7: Be more than a widget. Show your clients why your work matters to you.

TIP 8: Create accountability by finding a business buddy. Meet weekly.

TIP 9: Feedback is easiest to receive when you’re committed to the goal, not the details.

TIP 10: Celebrate your success. Even the small ones count.

TIP 11: Build iteration into the process so you won’t be surprised when your first attempt isn’t perfect. 

TIP 12: Expand your network. Connect with one new contact a month.

TIP 13: Business IS business, but etiquette still matters. Make sure your actions demonstrate your values.

TIP 14: Leverage your expertise. Do people know how much you know? If not, start telling them.

TIP 15: Turn down or give away work you don’t love. Focus on what you want to be known for.


Written by

President of Numbiz World Enterprises, Inc.